Love Ya Like... Collection
Our Love Ya Like... Collection of hats is all about celebrating life's simple pleasures and the places we cherish. Each piece is designed to reflect our passion and style, spreading love for the little things with the people & places we love. From capturing the vibrant community spirit of Fairfield Beach to embodying the carefree enjoyment of a Saturday, these hats invite you to savor life's joys and set worries aside. Wear them, cherish them, and spread our mission of love and positivity wherever you go.
Love Ya Like a Saturday! 
Our "Love Ya Like a Saturday" hat embodies the carefree, joyful moments reminiscent of a Saturday – a time for simple pleasures, enjoying the company of loved ones, and finding happiness in life's little joys. This hat is designed for those who embrace the weekend state of mind all week long, capturing the essence of carefree enjoyment and inviting you to do what you love, unwind, and set worries aside. Cherish moments with loved ones and appreciate life's little pleasures, just like a weekend spent savoring the joys and people that matter most.
Love Ya Like a Local - Locals Only Fairfield U!
Celebrate your connection to Fairfield University with our “Locals Only Fairfield” hats. Each hat is meticulously designed to express the unique significance of being a Fairfield U local – a status understood only by those deeply connected to the community. Symbolizing a profound love for Fairfield, its people, and the unforgettable moments it has given us, these hats embody a sense of warmth and nostalgia. Whether you're a current resident, an alumni, or simply have a fondness for Fairfield University, this collection is the perfect way to showcase your connection to this charming coastal town.
Tell the people you love, that you love them!
The “Tell the people you love, that you love them” hat is more than just a collection of hats – it's a reminder to express your love sincerely and often. Life is too short not to tell the people you love how much they mean to you. Embrace the message of this collection and spread love wherever you go, because tomorrow is not promised, and life is too short not to.