About Us!

Welcome to The Love Ya Club, where we celebrate the things that bring us joy and positively impact our mental health. The brand was founded out of Ali's love for hats, clothing, and meaningful design. Her love for creating, crafting, and bringing people together inspired the brand's mission to create high-quality classics that can be worn for any occasion and suit any taste. 
The purpose? Spreading love for the little things; the places we cherish, with the people we love, all while wearing hats that reflect our passion and style. Because when love is at the center of everything we do, life becomes a whole lot sweeter. Join us in celebrating the good things in life, and stay tuned for what's to come from Love Ya Club!
Our first collection, "Locals Only Fairfield" aimed to bring a fresh look to Fairfield University merch, celebrating the profound connection and cherished memories shared by those who call Fairfield U home. These hats symbolize a deep love for Fairfield, its people, and the unforgettable moments it has given us. They embody a sense of warmth and nostalgia, serving as a tribute to the special bond we share with Fairfield University. 
The positive response to this collection has inspired us to explore other meaningful aspects of life, creating new collections; expressing our love through hats and clothing. While our focus is currently on hats, we have many exciting plans for the future.
Our collections feature versatile pieces designed to complement your wardrobe effortlessly, transitioning seamlessly from workouts to weekend escapades, from casual outings to evenings spent with loved ones. Each item embodies our brand's mission and message, crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a touch of elegance. Embrace these exceptional hats not only for their quality and style but also as a symbol of the love and dedication infused into every piece.